Taba Depaep
Certified Labor Doula
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Relieving Stress since 2008

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 Lisa Carey Navarrete

The Low Down on Doulas

A doula offers professionally trained labor support throughout your birth to support you physically, emotionally, and with information to help you make the right choice for you!

There are many ways to give birth.
There is no one right way,
but there is a way that's right for you.

I never make choices for you.  You're the boss, and I always follow your lead.  I'm not a nurse, or a midwife, nor do I have any kind of medical training.

Think of me as a childbirth educator who relaxes you at your home during your birth and helps you stay comfortable by using hands-on techniques
like massage, while helping you stay calmer by giving you immediate information as you need it.


Healthier Births

Women who give birth with a doula have fewer C-sections and lower rates of post-partum depression.

Expert advice

As a former litigator, my specialty is negotiation. Negotiation skills are critical to successfully navigating hospital policies, routines, and standard procedures.  Birth is full of choices: where to deliver, whether to induce, get an epidural, how much monitoring, whether to vaccinate, etc.  Wherever and however women give birth, moms who have a birth doula are more satisfied overall with their experience.  Moms who bring a lawyer-turned-doula have an experienced negotiator to help them get what they want in the hospital.

personalized service

We'll meet during your pregnancy to get to know each other so I can find out what you want and don't want for your birth.  I'll make sure you know the basics about birth and breastfeeding, and then I'll help you get through both of them!  

I join you at home so you can get to the hospital at the right time - not too late, not too early.  I take the pressure off your partner during your time at home.  Because I already know what you want, I offer knowledgeable advice targeted to your needs. My clients have someone knowledgeable about what they want for their birth who is present at the hospital the whole time you are, long before your doctor arrives.  I help you negotiate respectfully with the ever-changing nursing staff to avoid the things you don't want, and get the things you need.  

See for yourself from randomized controlled trials about the benefits of continuous labor support versus usual care from the non-profit Cochrane Database.

Total Bliss Birth Care Package
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2 Prenatal Meetings
Your ENTIRE Birth
1 Postpartum Meeting
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