happy postpartum pills!

Moms say:

Here are some of the things my clients have to say about this traditional way of preventing postpartum depression, replenishing your body's blood loss, tapering gently off your pregnancy hormones, and boosting your milk supply:

"I felt better with baby #3 after taking the pills than I did after my first two kids."  - Vivienne's mom

"I don't know if the effect is real or a placebo effect, and I don't care!"  -- Isla's mom

"I didn't want to struggle with low milk supply, so this is my little bit of insurance in a pill."  -- Sage's mom

"I knew I was going to be a single mom, so any increase in energy was worth it to me!" -- Skylar's mom


If you are undecided, allow me to take your placenta home with me just in case so I can label it and freeze it for you for a while.  If you experience mild postpartum depression or low milk supply, I can always thaw it out and prepare your happy pills later.

Articles about placenta encapsulation:

From New York Times Magazine 
The Placenta Cookbook, For a Growing Number of New Mothers, There's No Better Nutritional Snack After Childbirth Than the Fruit of Their Own Labor.  

From the Washington Post
Some Mothers See Health Benefits in Eating Their Placenta After Giving Birth.

From Time Magazine
Afterbirth: It's What's For Dinner.
Written by a grossed out dad (funny!) 

  Research  about placenta ingestion:
Placentophagia: A Behavioral Enigma Neuroscience & Biohehavioral Reviews, Vol. 4, pp. 141--150. 


It might sound crazy, but lots of women are experiencing real benefits from ingesting their own encapsulated placentas after their baby's birth.  

Don't worry!  If you decide to have this done by me, you won't see or taste a thing!  I use flavored, colored gelatin capsules (the same size as an pain reliever pill).  The pills come attractively packaged so they can sit right by your bed and no one will ever know what's in them!